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Kohler was not surprised by Favre’s sacking

Sat 09 January 2021 | 15:15

Dortmund legend says that Favre’s sacking was normal considering the situation.


former star thinks that the players were losing their trust in


following their weak start in the season. He says that the decision was right but admits that this wouldn’t happen if Klopp was in Favre’s place.

“I think Favre is an excellent professional who has celebrated many successes in his career,”

Kohler, who formed part of Dortmund’s Champions League-winning squad in 1997, told Goal and SPOX.

“However, I said even before he took office that I think that his style does not suit Dortmund.

“The club was spoiled by Klopp, who carried people away, and I'm sure that Michael Zorc and Hans-Joachim Watzke also spoke to the players about the fact that they were not entirely innocent in the sacking.

“In the end, however, [Favre] is the weakest link. The only one with whom that wasn't the case was Jurgen Klopp. I believe that Watzke would not have fired Klopp in the same situation.”

About the players’ reactions to Favre’s performance he added:

“Basically, I think it's good when leading players express criticism,

“However, the sequence is decisive: First you should talk to the people involved about it internally, I can't judge that. If the club makes a decision, then you should accept it and not talk about it afterwards.

“The statements made suggest that the relationship between the team and the coach was disturbed.”


source: SportMob