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Milicic: Macarthur have the potential to get better

Sat 09 January 2021 | 13:43

The Bulls coach has insisted that his side are able to improve their performances after collecting one point against Wellington Phoenix.


has qualified for Australia’s top tier football league for the first time this season and has improved their squad to be ready for the competition. The team’s

Tommy Oar

made his debut for the Bulls but it was Markel Susaeta who managed to score the first


goal for the club in their home stadium. His equalizer came after David Ball’s goal for


in the 39th minute. In a post-match interview,

Ante Milicic

has spoken about his team’s form and their eagerness to improve their game.

“It’s going to take a while and we knew that,

“In our squad, we’ve got eight players that have played in the A-League. The majority of our players, their last game was pre-covid.

“So a lot of the boys, their last game was January, February, March. It’s going to take time to get their touch back.

“You saw Tommy Oar come on, that’s another body we’ve got back. The two Spaniards are getting fitter. A couple of boys are adjusting to the tempo and the speed.

“We expected this and at the same time, I’m very pleased with the squad that we’ve got and that we know that we’ve got the potential to improve.”

Phoenix coach Ufuk Talay was asked about Alex Rufer’s red card in the 62nd minute of the game that influenced the second half in favor of Macarthur.

“My opinion is it was a very soft red card. I know my players well and Rufer is not that type of player,

“I wish he was that type of player but he’s actually not that type of player. So for me, I think that changed the game.

“I thought we were quite comfortable in the first half and even the second half. I think we had them by the ropes.

“I think we moved them around, we shifted the around, I think we played some really good football.

“It’s just disappointing that an outcome like that, or a decision like that, in my opinion, changed the game.”

source: SportMob