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Steve Bruce: It’s wrong to continue playing during COVID-19 surge

Sat 09 January 2021 | 12:32

Newcastle boss believes that there is only a financial issue behind continuation of the games.

COVID-19 is hitting a record high number of infections across the UK while the hospital capacity is being stretched due to the latest wave of the disease.


have been struggling with the COVID-19 cases in their squad earlier this season and their boss

Steve Bruce

believes that a suspension for the league can be a suitable option for protecting the players and their families.

“I see other clubs struggling with it now and of course there's Premier League protocols in place but once you leave the training ground you are in the outside world,” he told the media on Friday.

“The speed in which it ripped through us is something all football clubs will be looking at because it is difficult to contain and stop.

“We've seen first hand how it affects people - we've had two players who were very, very sick and one or two members of staff, one in particular nearly hospitalised.

“And no one envisaged this new wave was going to be as powerful as it is.

“Financially it's right to play on, but for me - morally it's wrong. I understand people want to play a game of football but we are just as vulnerable as everyone else.”

Asked about

Allan Saint-Maximin

who has recently tested positive for the virus, Bruce responded:

 “Once it left him it has caused big problems,

“Allan has been out for six weeks or whatever so that's going to take time. I'm no doctor but there's so many symptoms and problems afterwards so it's been difficult.”

Newcastle boss is unsure whether the clubs precautionary would be enough against more infections.

“Lets be fair, when we are in football we are socializing,

“We may be taking all the protocols the right way and doing everything possible but how do you stop Manchester City from celebrating the way they did the other night?

“They were all in a huddle, celebrating, sweating, exhaling badly. If you stop that, you stop the whole enjoyment of sport.

“All of us are suffering but we are the lucky ones providing an entertainment that people can tune in to and watch.

“There will come a stage though where we will have to make a decision - let's hope there isn't further outbreaks in the next few weeks.”

source: SportMob