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Mourinho says it’s normal for Liverpool to help our opponent

Sat 09 January 2021 | 10:57

Ahead of Spurs’ FA Cup clash against Marine, who are located less than six miles away from the Premier League champions.

The Reds have provided their neighbors with video footage of


games and analysis, which allowed the



Neil Young

, to formulate a plan contain the Premier League side in what is the biggest mismatch in the competition’s history.



feels it’s absolutely normal for


to help their neighbors.

“I think it’s normal. They are neighbours,”

he said.

“I am pretty sure that there’s an emotional connection between them and if they gave them analysis from us, or access to certain kinds of footage, I feel it’s absolutely normal.”

The latest lockdown measures, that put Merseyside in Tier 3, have prevented


to allow a small crowd to attend the

Marine Travel Arena

in the biggest game of their history.

Although the Portuguese called it ‘sad’, he’s eager to help the non-league side by bringing a strong squad for the match.

“It’s a pity for them,” he said. “It is not just economically but also emotionally sad. Now we go to Marine, historical match.

“We feel sorry that the stadium is empty and they cannot celebrate the day in the way they’d love.

“If people can help in different ways, I read a few things, (Jamie) Carragher supporting, virtual tickets.

“It’s nice, but I focus on the sports side of it and the way I respect them and the way to make it beautiful for them is to go there with a good team to win the match.

“With a starting 11 plus nine on the bench we are speaking about 20 players. I can tell you, in these 20 players we will take only one under-18 player.

“So we will take one under-18 player who will be on the bench, like we had also in other matches.

“One kid will be on the bench, so out of 20 only one. Apart from that we have 19 players from the first-team squad.”


source: SportMob