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Rivaldo believes too much pressure ruins Pedri’s career

Fri 08 January 2021 | 22:02

Pedri, one of the stars of the season, has received a lot of acclaim for his huge success in the Barcelona midfield.


and Brazil icon


was keen to say the 18-year-old should not be put under too much pressure.

“We could ruin Pedri’s career if we put too much pressure on him,”

he said.

“He’s only 18 years old. This is precisely why veterans need to step up and assume their responsibilities.

“Nobody denies that he’s a great player. There’s already talk about him playing in the European Championships with Spain. But that doesn’t mean anything – he still has to go through his normal process and play football as [Ronald] Koeman instructs him. Messi will probably not continue [with Barcelona] next season, so Pedri will have more responsibility. But for now, he mustn’t change.”

source: SportMob