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Ballardini is hopeful about Genoa’s future

Fri 08 January 2021 | 18:34

Davide Ballardini believes that Genoa can get better in time.


was defeated against Sassuolo and their boss wants his side to show a different and more aggressive performance in their next match against Bologna.

“I asked the lads to give their all,”


said at a press conference.

“These are all very important matches and therefore, despite all the difficulties, Genoa must do their utmost.

“I intend to have a very intense competition. In the game, I’ll be very clear and in the defensive phase I’ll be careful and very aggressive. That’s needed.

“They are a strong team. They have high-quality players and a good coach, These five useful results on the bounce testify to the fact that you are going to face a team that can fight against everyone and have proven to be successful against everyone.

“It’s a team that probably deserved to win their last game.

“We are focused on the game and we want to have a great game, otherwise you struggle. Attention goes to the match want to play.”

Ballardini thinks that they need time to raise their awareness and togetherness.

“Having more and more references gives you more and more strength,”

he added.

“As you get to know each other better, you play games and gain awareness on the fixed points.

“The clear principles lead you to have more and more cleanliness in the game, more and more aggression.

“Being more and more a team.”

source: SportMob