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Newcastle will play with the main players - Bruce

Fri 08 January 2021 | 18:11

The Newcastle boss intends to use his main squad in the FA Cup match.

Newcastle boss Steve Bruce believes that playing young players in the FA Cup lowers the cup's value, even though some teams use different combinations because of Covid-19.

Despite numerous problems with


, the manager is expected to use his main line-up against Arsenal. Aston Villa and Derby used their young players against each other, and Liverpool and Chorley played their younger players, and Bruce now claims that using young players in these matches will damage the values of this cup.

He told reporters: “I think it devalues the FA Cup.

“We understand the restrictions, the season has been squashed and there is no room for anything else. (But) to play weakened teams and your youth team is not the way round it for me, personally.”

Bruce added on his conflicts in this season:" “We have had two players who were very, very sick and one or two members of staff who were nearly hospitalised.

“It’s not been easy but yes we’ll keep going along – financially it’s right but maybe morally it’s wrong.

“All of us are suffering and we are the lucky ones providing an entertainment that people are tuning into to watch, but there will come a stage where we have to make a decision, we hope in the next two or three weeks, (because) we don’t want to see these outbreaks.”



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