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Bergomi: ‘there is too much pressure on Inter’

Fri 08 January 2021 | 15:04

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero has responded to Beppe Bergomi’s claim.

Beppe Bergomi

has claimed that the media put too much pressure on


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“We don’t see Juventus up there and we are putting too much pressure on Inter,” Bergomi said after Inter's 2-1 loss to



“It’s not fair, there is too much pressure on Inter. I am not saying they don’t have a strong team, I am saying there is not too much difference with Juve, Milan, and Napoli.

“People always say Inter fail if they don’t win the title, but there are many other strong sides out there. It doesn’t happen the same with other clubs. If Napoli, Milan, and Roma don’t win, nothing happens.”

Alessandro Del Piero

responded to his claims:

“It’s normal to have that pressure, Juventus and Milan have it too. Those who don’t win have the pressure, and that’s normal. Inter can win the title with their team, Milan have not been built to win the Scudetto and the Nerazzurri came close to winning in the past.”

“Do you think Inter have a better team than Juve? I don’t think so,” Bergomi replied.

“And are you sure Inter came close to winning in the past? They arrive fourth twice under [Luciano] Spalletti, and that is not winning.”

source: SportMob