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Sinclair on De Bruyne’s contract and Messi’s Man-City link

Fri 08 January 2021 | 14:48

The former Blues fears that the arrival of the Argentine in England would cause some issues for the club.


Manchester City

player, Trevor Sinclair, fears that the talk over

Lionel Messi

’s future with the Blues would complicate contract talks with

Kevin De Bruyne

. Though De Bruyne’s contract extends till 2023, Manchester City hope to secure the player’s stay with further negotiations.



believes the reason for the Belgian not reaching an agreement with the club could lie in Messi’s future move to the team and his salary demands.

“De Bruyne hasn’t even got an agent, he’s acting for himself, which I think is fantastic,”

Sinclair told


“He knows his worth; if you don’t know your worth at 29 years old then you’ve got something wrong.”

“He probably knows what the ball-park figure is that he wants to be earning; he’ll want to be the top-paid player at the football club.”

“But what he might’ve said is that he wants to be the top-paid player regardless of who comes in. That’s a problem for City if they’re serious about signing Messi.”

“De Bruyne’s wages could go up an astronomical amount if he wants to be on bigger wages than Messi.”

The Argentine’s contract is expected to terminate by the end of the season as other clubs including

Paris Saint-Germain

have also shown interest in the 33-year-old.

When asked if he still thinks Messi’s move to the Blues is


, Sinclair responded:

“I do, yeah. There’s been a bit of a lull, but I don’t think he felt comfortable leaving over the summer.”

“He’s keeping his head down, working hard, but when it comes to the end of the season, there’s a clause in his contract whereby if he activates it at a certain time in the year, he goes on a free.”

“There will be a lot of clubs interested… Man City and PSG, he just takes your club to another level.”

“It’s a completely different ball park.”

source: SportMob