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Petit on Mbappe’s attempts to copycat Neymar

Fri 08 January 2021 | 13:51

The former France international believes PSG star is trying too hard to be similar to his Brazilian teammate.

According to World Cup winner, Emmanuel Petit,

Paris Saint-Germain


Kylian Mbappe

is putting too much pressure on himself to look like


on the pitch. To mark his name in the world of football, Mbappe needs to take his own path and not set in the footsteps of others, believes Petit.

After Mbappe’s failure to score a goal against


in their 1-1 draw, the team new head-coach,

Mauricio Pochettino

revealed that the 22-year-old

“needs to improve”

. In return Petit, who believes Mbappe needs to focus on other areas beside scoring goals, said:

“Apart from the problems related to his physique and possibly his mind, I have the impression that he has become entangled in his brain and that he needs to take a step back and regenerate himself.”

“But it happens to all players.”

“He has a body expression that doesn’t seem positive to me. I have the feeling that he is ‘Neymarised’, that he wants to do what Neymar does on the pitch when he does not have the qualities of Neymar at all.”

“I also have the impression that his opponents have analysed his main quality, speed. The real quality of this boy is to play on spontaneity and not to take the lead.”

source: SportMob