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Cottee: ‘make Rice a bedrock of the future team’

Fri 08 January 2021 | 12:53

Tony Cottee believes West Ham should tie Declan Rice down to a new contract as Rice has been attracting plenty of interest from Chelsea.

Talks of moving to



Declan Rice

, who spent time in the academy system, has resurfaced.

It seems

West Ham

do not want to lose their prized asset and

Tony Cottee

believes the club should tie him down to a new contract.

“As far as I’m concerned the only two signings to be bothered about are David Moyes and Declan,” Cottee said.

“I’m pretty sure that even now, with his elevated status, Dec will not be earning the same kind of money as the top men in the squad.

“But he’s their most valuable player and in time will become the next captain after Mark Noble.

“I know he signed a five-year deal not so long ago but get him tied down and up there with the bigger earners and make him a bedrock of the future team.

“We all know other teams are interested. West Ham should be acting to secure Declan, so he is not allowed to drift into the last two years of his contract and possibly leave on a free transfer.”

West Ham have been improving and making progress as they are now 10th in the

Premier League

table, but their manager’s contract expires at the end of the season and Cottee believes this issue also should be addressed.

He added: “I assume David is going to try to sign players during this transfer window on three or four-year deals.

“As a player, I would find it a bit unsettling signing for a coach who could be gone by the summer.

“It’s baffling why something hasn’t been done already to get Moyes tied down to a new deal. Moyes is building a team. I like what he is doing, he has proven to be a good fit.

“West Ham should be moving slowly and steadily in one direction, upwards. The yo-yoing needs to stop.

“By the end of the 2020s, West Ham needs to be established as a top-10 club. I hope the board can see the positive effect Moyes is having on this.”

source: SportMob