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Parlour: ‘the consistency wasn’t there for Ozil’

Fri 08 January 2021 | 12:50

Former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour believes Mesut Ozil will not be remembered as an all-time great at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger and Bukayo Saka are next in line for statues at Emirates Stadium.


manager Mikel Arteta has left

Mesut Ozil

out of his plans in 2020-21 and has left a door open for Ozil. 

Ozil’s contract expires in the summer and then he will able to hit the free-agent pool.

He has played eight seasons at Arsenal during which he has made 254 appearances, scored 44 goals, provided 77 assists, and won three FA Cup triumphs.


Ray Parlour

believes he will not be remembered as an all-time great at Emirates Stadium and there are players greater than him, whom should be remembered.

“He (Ozil) is a very talented player, but the consistency wasn’t there for him,” Arsenal legend Parlour said.

“If you go back to some of the opportunities where he’s playing in big games and you need to shine as a leader and he didn’t. He sort of went missing in games.

“But statue? They’ve got the right three at the moment, absolutely. There’s [Thierry] Henry, [Dennis] Bergkamp and Tony Adams.

“The next statue that goes up at Arsenal should be Arsene Wenger. That’s the next statue.

“I wouldn’t look at any players at the moment who deserve a statue.

“I’d go back to probably [Cesc] Fabregas was a better player [than Ozil] with what he achieved at Arsenal. Then you look at [Aaron] Ramsey before he left, he wanted to stay, but they couldn’t agree a deal.

“[Jack] Wilshere when he was at Arsenal, [Santi] Cazorla, what a player he was, you look at the career he had at Arsenal.”

He added: “You look at what he (Ozil) has achieved in his career and I can see why people say he’s a legend. He’s won a World Cup.

“At times in games he was absolutely brilliant, but he didn’t do it on a consistent basis. That was his problem.

“You’ve got to do it week in, week out if you’re going to be a top, top player. Look at [Kevin] De Bruyne, does he ever have a bad game? If he has a quiet game, he still does something in that game to probably assist a player or maybe score a goal.

“At times when Ozil played, if he had a quiet game you didn’t see him. That was the difference between two top, top, class players.

“I will put him in the bracket of being top class who can make a difference in a game; Henry and Bergkamp could make a difference on their own in a game and Ozil didn’t do it enough.

“He’s got the ability to do that as a player. Wrighty (Ian Wright) is probably well in front of anybody to have a statue if you’re going to give statues out to players.

“But for me, the next statue that goes up (for Wenger) will be the last one unless Saka has 10 great years at Arsenal.

“He’s started his career at Arsenal, he’s been the main man in the last season. If he has a wonderful career at Arsenal then players like that should be waiting for a statue.”

source: SportMob