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Klopp fully supports Liverpool's owners

Fri 08 January 2021 | 12:44

Liverpool surely needs a new defender but there is no sign of interest from the owners in signing a player this winter.



line-up when Klopp first arrived was totally different than what it is now. There has been a large investment in the squad without a doubt but after Klopp won the final of the Champions League, we didn’t see them improve the squad much.

This season is an extraordinary one as Liverpool had many players injured throughout different spells. Yet there is no sign of a winter signing despite them having no fit central defender.

Jurgen Klopp

but fully backs the owners and denies suggestions that they are tight.

He said:

“In good times everybody thinks our owners are really generous – ‘my, what big signings!' or whatever - and in bad times everyone thinks they are really tight, maybe that they are from a different country or whatever.

“But they are not, they are absolutely concerned about the club and the success of the club and understand how we have it.

“So they see exactly the same things I see about the necessity [to bring in] players and things like this.

“And it is not that I say 'by the way, a centre half would be really nice' and they say 'wow, a centre half, really, why?' It is not like this. It is all clear. It is all on the table.”



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source: SportMob