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Zaha: Arsenal chose Pepe over me

Fri 08 January 2021 | 12:21

Wilfried Zaha claims he had some talks with and was interested in joining Arsenal, but they chose Pepe over him.

Crystal Palace


Wilfried Zaha

was one of


's targets to add to the squad.

Zaha was also interested in moving to London and playing for the team he had been a fan of since childhood. Arsenal, however, finally brought in another Ivory Coast international,

Nicolas Pepe

with a contract worth £72 million.

“I had a conversation with the manager.”

Zaha said

“Emery was just like, ‘we don’t really need to go through much’. He said he’d seen me play, he knows I can change games at any time and stuff like that. He was like, ‘yeah we’d love to have you’ and I was just like, ‘yeah I’d love to come’.

“The conversation was rather straightforward because I played against him when he was manager of Arsenal. He saw what I could do, saw my work-rate, and what I could add to the team.

“Obviously, it was up to the club who they chose - and they chose Pepe over me.

“You’re seeing a player come from Brazil or another league - they’re always going to attract more attention - but I just think if there’s a player that plays in the Premier League, you see him week in, week out. You know what he does.

“I feel like it’s a no-brainer. The other leagues are totally different.”

source: SportMob