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It would be better for him if he goes-Alex Dyer on Brophy

Fri 08 January 2021 | 7:40

Alex Dyer has painted a bleak future for Eamonn Brophy if the striker stays in the team until the end of his contract with Kilmarnock

Eamonn Brophy has signed a pre-contract with St Mirren for 3 years and according to this contract, he will join the team in the summer. But it seems that Eamonn's move was not pleasant for the head coach Alex Dyer. Dyer has warned the 24-year-old that he should leave Kilmarnock before the summer and move to his new team.


If I have other players here, I will use them before I will use him and that is the honest truth

," said the Killie boss.

"I spoke to him this morning for the first time on the subject and he wants to leave, he wants to go.

"It would be better for him if he goes. I told him it is up to the two clubs to come to an agreement.

"If they don't come to an agreement I will have to react to that and that way is, if he is here, I will use him in training but I probably wouldn't use him in the games because he doesn't want to be here.

"He is a human being and he has to come in and train and keep himself fit, so I will use him in training but when I'm doing tactical stuff I won't use him.

"It's his right to sign for whoever he wants to sign for.

"If he's in the building and comes and trains and as long as he doesn't upset anyone and gives 100 per cent in training until the time he leaves, that's all I ask.

"I won't banish him to the side, I could do but it's not my way.

"But it would be better for all parties if he was to come out of the building now.

"If it doesn't happen and he stays to the end of the season, Eamonn and I will have a conversation again.

"I will say, 'if I need you to play, will you give 100 percent?' and I'm sure he will say yes and if he says yes he can play. There is not a problem."

Whitehall, who joined the team in July, has played 11 games and scored four goals.

Dyer is interested to see more of him, and said:

"I have discussed with his agent and discussed with Danny and hopefully we will sign him until the end of the season


"He likes it here, we have liked what he has done since he has been here.

"It has taken him a little while to get to grips with the club and the level of football but he has had his opportunity and has taken it in the last few games and hopefully he can do that again between now and the end of the season."



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