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FA blames the club for Cavani’s suspension

Thu 07 January 2021 | 16:44

Cavani was suspended because he didn’t learn about British media and culture according to FA.

Following some pundits’ opinions about


suspension the Football Association has published a statement about their reasons for Cavani’s three match ban stating that

Manchester United

should have trained the player about social media.

Here is what FA said in their statement:

"Having signed for Manchester United in early October 2020, the player had received no media training specific to his residence in this country [sic] to enable him to be better placed to understand the cultural differences that might give rise to issues with a foreign player posting information on a social media platform.

"In light of the player’s high profile in the game, his inability to speak English and the fact that he had approaching 8 million Instagram followers, the Commission were surprised that no such ‘training’ had been specifically put in place for the player by his club."

Cavani was banned for three matches after he called one of his teammates negrito in an Instagram post. The player immediately erased the post and apologized for his actions claiming that it was a misunderstanding and he didn’t mean to insult anyone.

The club published a statement too saying that they will accept any punishment and they will not accept any kind of racial insult.

source: SportMob