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Benzema will face trial for his alleged role in blackmail conspiracy

Thu 07 January 2021 | 14:54

Karim Benzema is due to stand trial in Versailles, France. The case dates back to 2015.

The French star of

Real Madrid

will soon face trial for the case of

Mathieu Valbuena

, according to the verdict of the Versailles prosecutor's office. The verdict was announced today to


's lawyer by the Versailles prosecutor's office.

The case goes back to 2015, when two people, claiming to have his ‘sex tape’, tried to extort money from

Mathieu Valbuena

, who was a


player and French International at the time. The two contacted a childhood friend of Karim Benzema to mediate in this regard.

The investigators believe Benzema informed Valbuena and asked him to make a deal with the blackmailers, however, Valbuena did not do such thing and informed the police.

For this reason, Benzema was detained overnight at the Versailles police station in late 2015, after which his lawyers failed to acquit him.

Finally, the prosecutor announced today that Benzema must stand trial and defend himself against the charges for his alleged role in blackmail conspiracy.


had previously said in justifying his conversations with


that he only intended to help him and that the accusation of complicity in blackmail was completely nonsense.

Since then, Benzema and Valbuena have not been called up to France national team.

source: SportMob