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De Boer is not happy with Van de Beek’s situation

Thu 07 January 2021 | 11:55

De Boer says that Van de Beek must consider leaving Manchester United.

Natherland’s former star has talked about

Van de Beek’s

situation at Manchester United and said that the player should consider leaving Old Trafford if wants to have a chance to play for his national team European Championships.

“Euro 2020 is coming, he will undoubtedly want to be there. Maybe it would be good for him to discuss with the club exactly what they want with him,”

De Boer

told AD.

“If the view on playing time does not improve, he may have to declare that he should be loaned or even sold.

“You have to be lucky every now and then. Of course it doesn't look great now, but with a great performance it can suddenly change completely.

“We also don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Perhaps they have made certain agreements with his transfer, they will get him ready for next year this season. That always remains a bit of a guess.”

Van de Beek joined the

Red Devils

from Ajax dreaming of a bright future but he didn’t get a chance to show his quality and now he is in a critical situation that may affect his career and must be careful about his decisions.

source: SportMob