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Youngesters show the potential and creativity Arteta had been seeking

Wed 06 January 2021 | 20:30

Ian wright fears that failing to see his potentials might turn him into another Gnabry.

Due to the recent defeats of 



 had been seeking creativity in the new faces lately. Now it seems that youngsters are getting the hand of the team.

Creativity has been one of the important factors that Arteta has been looking for as the seasoned performers, 




, are still struggling with having the best form and Ozil frozen out of the team.

Emile Smith-Rowe

, one of the young faces of the team, has been showing such creativity and showed it after being given the opportunity to be impressive.

Ian Wright

, however, believes that Arteta should not fail to note his potential because this might leave them with another 


. He said:

“It must be brilliant going into training at the moment for someone like Emile Smith Rowe,

“He’s somebody who has had his injuries, he’s gone on loan, he’s done his stuff. For me, Smith Rowe has paid his dues out there, waiting for his chance.

“I think that what Mikel has done now, the timing with which he’s done it, is absolutely perfect because I think if Smith Rowe doesn’t get into this team, at this stage, and they carry on doing what they’re doing and persisting with people who are not performing at the levels they should – whether it’s Willian or [Nicolas] Pepe – I think you lose him.

“Especially with January being here, and then we’ve got a Serge Gnabry on our hands.”

Also about the general situation of the team, he said: 

“[Granit] Xhaka and [Mohamed] Elneny in the middle there, just the energy. It seems like everybody has risen up a little bit.

“We beat a Chelsea side where people were thinking we were going to get hammered and we beat West Brom. West Brom drew with Manchester City!”

source: SportMob