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Fernandez talks about Messi’s possible transfer

Wed 06 January 2021 | 18:29

Barcelona’s presidential candidates doesn’t want Messi to leave the club.

The Argentinian Superstar is apparently determined to leave


as soon as possible and the club’s presidential candidate

Lluis Fernandez

thinks that his departure would affect the club.


exit talks started last year following the player’s frustration with the board and Bartomeu but eventually he decided to stay until the end of his deal with the club and now the rumors have started again.

Here is what Fernandez thinks about the matter.

"We can't forget that Barcelona have a greater income because of Messi,"

he told Radio Marca.

"Barcelona would have less value without Messi.

"He is the only player in the squad who, by his mere presence, ensures Barcelona have more value and more income.

"We need income, but we also need to manage the club's structure. There's a need to negotiate the debt.

"But, there's no danger of Barcelona being forced to become a limited company. The members can rest assured about that."

Messi is said to be waiting for the season to end before deciding about his future and the club’s next president will probably play a key role in his decision and this has been a subject in all the candidates’ talks and plans which shows Messi’s importance for the club’s fans and officials.

The presidential election that may affect the future of the six time Ballon d’Or winner will take place on January 24.

source: SportMob