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Woodgate is satisfied with Mourinho’s performance

Wed 06 January 2021 | 17:41

Tottenham’s former star has talked about Mourinho’s team.


has been after the Premier League trophy for years now but they have been showing so much potential in this season despite the criticism that


is facing.

Unlike some pundits that doubt Mourinho’s capability in bringing the Spurs titles,


who played in the last trophy winning squad of Tottenham thinks that they have been doing good under Mourinho.

“Jose Mourinho takes the competition [League Cup] seriously,”

the former Tottenham defender told talkSPORT.

“He won it four times, he’s a serial winner and those Spurs boys need to start winning trophies.

“They’ve had chances over the years and they’ve got another great chance now.

“Their style is different, but they haven’t won anything under different managers, so they might win something under this manager and Jose Mourinho has won league titles and Champions Leagues all over the world.

“Okay the style of football is not great, but they’re in a cup final and they’re only four points off the top of the table. He’s getting results, and that’s the most important thing in football.

“Players want to win games, they’re not bothered how they play, in my view.

“If I was a player now, all I’d want to do is win, and I don’t care how we win, no matter what style we play, as long as we win.

“Fans are different – fans want to be entertained – but at the end of the day what do they want to see: their team winning a trophy or not winning a trophy?

“Mourinho has done it all over the world, he did it at Inter Milan and they won the European Cup, he’s doing it at Spurs now and he will bring them success.

“That’s why they’ve brought him to Tottenham, he wins trophies.”

source: SportMob