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We shoudln’t flatter ourselves -Inzaghi

Wed 06 January 2021 | 17:14

Inzaghi said Benevento players are doing ‘special things’


defeated Cagliari 2-1 tonight at the Sardegna Arena. With this result, Inzaghi men are ranked 10th in the Serie A table and are only 7 points away from reaching the Europa League's playoff stage

. Pipo Inzaghi said after the win that his players are doing something special.

We shoudln’t flatter ourselves now

”, Inzaghi told Sky Sport.

“We need to gain survival, I am so satisfied for this win. We are a newly-promoted team, these kind of results are so important.

Today we played with [Riccardo] Improta as a right-back, but he is a striker. We need sacrifice to win games here,

” he added.

“Everyone thought we would be relegated this season, but we should not delude ourselves now

“I’ve been trying to give this team an identity since last season. I want the team to be compact, press high and have an offensive mentality. Even if we are a newly promoted side we are handling the difficult moments of each game with maturity and this is giving me satisfaction."



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source: SportMob