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Ozil's agent spoke about possible transfer in January

Wed 06 January 2021 | 15:43

The German star has not played for Arsenal in a long time.

 Mesut Ozil's agent has spoken about the possibility of his transfer in January and potential clients.

Since March, Ozil has not played for


and is not on the Arteta Premier League's 25-man squad for the season. His agent, Dr. Sugut, has repeatedly stated that the World Cup winner will not leave Arsenal until the end of his summer contract. However, his agent confirmed that Fenerbahce and DC United were looking for him, raising the possibility of his departure in January.

He said:

"We were not allowed to talk legally before January 1 so now we are just starting to look at the options with the numbers and details.

“I can't talk about the clubs directly because it would be unprofessional but generally, there is six months left on the contract and it is nothing unusual that we will talk to people about different opportunities and try to find the best option for Mesut.

"He might stay at Arsenal until the summer but he might go. Mesut's priority is to stay but you never know in football, things can change very fast. For the moment, we are just checking all the options for January and the summer.

"If we want to leave in January, I need to talk to Arsenal. If we sign for the summer, we don't need to. That's the situation. In the next seven to 10 days, it will be a little clearer as now the transfer window is open, things can move faster."



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source: SportMob