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"Of course you didn’t mean it, but you owe me a new shin pad”-Hojbjerg

Wed 06 January 2021 | 15:24

Tottenham midfielder took it to social media to express peace with Josh Dasilva as he is recovering from his tackle.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg




Josh Dasilva

’s tackle with a message telling him not to worry but he owes the Spurs midfielder ‘a new shin pad.’


vanquished Brentford on Tuesday and it saw them the final of the League Cup. Moussa Sissoko and Son Heung-min met the back of the net and sealed the victory for their side as their opponents later continued with 10 men. Dasilva received a red card and was sent off for tackling Hojbjerg, leaving him bleeding in his shin.

Jose Mourinho was surprised by the happening; however, he did not go on to condemn him in the interviews done after the match.


It was for sure a bad tackle because he is bleeding a lot and the shin pad is broken

," said Mourinho. 


That is football. Dasilva is a young guy and a good player so in the heat of the game there is nothing to be critical of


Dasilva expressed his side of the matter on social media, saying: "

Anyone that knows me, knows it was never intentional... will learn from this


The Spurs midfielder responded to his post to assure him that he is recovering and there is no hard feeling.


Of course you didn’t mean it. So don’t worry. I’m a Viking and I am fine. But... you owe me a new shin pad,

" the Tottenham midfielder wrote.


You have a great future ahead. Be strong and keep working hard. Best of luck to you and your team. Big hug, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg.


Tottenham are getting prepared for the final as they are set to face

Manchester United


Manchester City

on April 25.

source: SportMob