Shotton on making a debut for Melbourne Victory

Wed 06 January 2021 | 10:19

The former Premier League player will have to overcome his fitness struggles before joining his team on the pitch.

Melbourne Victory


Ryan Shotton

, has chosen to keep on the sidelines in their clash with

Brisbane Roar

since he has to get to full-fitness following his quarantine. The former Premier League player would need at least a few weeks before joining Victory due to his lack of preparation and access to training facilities during his self-isolation.

"It's been a while (since I played), so that's why we're not going to rush into this weekend,"

Shotton told reporters on Wednesday


"I want to make sure that I'm fully 100 per cent ready to come in and show everything that I've got.”

"Training's been really good, I've enjoyed it; I'm trying to get to know the lads and get up to scratch as quick as I can, but I'm still a few days off that."

Shotton later talked about reuniting with his former teammates,

Rudy Gestede


Callum McManaman

, and,

Jacob Butterfield

in his new squad, saying:

"They're good lads, they've welcomed me well.”

"They've made sure I've settled in and let me know some little advice that I need for me and my family."

Shotton is expected to benefit from his position alongside

Dylan Ryan

as they take on the team’s defense-line.

"I'll bring my leadership and my voice,"

Shotton said.

"I talk my way through a game and that's the big thing that fans will see."

source: SportMob