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Solsksjaer claims Klopp is trying to influence referees

Wed 06 January 2021 | 6:37

Liverpool’s manager questioned the volume of penalties Manchester United have been awarded compared to Liverpool’s in his Southampton post-match interview.

“I hear now that Manchester United had more penalties in two years than I had in five and a half years,”



manager said.

“I've no idea if that's my fault, or how that can happen.”


Manchester United

have been awarded 11 penalties in all competitions this season, only six of them were in the league. However, since


took charge in December 2018, the Red Devils have won 42 in all competitions compared to the Reds’ 19.

“I don’t count how many penalties they have, so if they want to spend time on worrying about when we get fouled in the box, I don’t spend time on that,”


responded to




Frank Lampard

brought up the same question

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif; font-size:12.0pt">

in his pre-match press conference ahead of last season’s FA Cup semi-final and the Red Devils’ boss believes that impacted

Mike Dean’s

decision to not give

Anthony Martial

a penalty following a possible foul from

Kurt Zouma


“I can’t talk on behalf of other managers, why they say things like this,”

Solskjaer said.

“Obviously I felt it worked last year in the semi in the FA Cup because Frank spoke about it and we had a nailed-on penalty that we should have had that we didn’t get.

“So maybe it’s a way of influencing referees. I don’t know, but I don’t worry about that. When they foul our players it’s a penalty. It’s just when it’s inside the box.”

Manchester United



will face each other on January 17 at Anfield as both sides are in the title race.


source: SportMob