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COVID assessor confirms Milan-Juve will go ahead

Tue 05 January 2021 | 22:18

COVID assessor Matteo Marnati confirms the Milan-Juventus game will be held tomorrow because there are not enough COVID cases to suspend the game.

Alex Sandro


Juan Cuadrado

both tested positive for COVID and more tests are being done tomorrow morning.

Director of the Department of Prevention at Turin local health authority Doctor Roberto Testi believes more COVID cases would be problematic for the other players.

“If there should be more positive tests today and the evidence of an uncontrolled breakout within the squad, that would become a problem of safety for the other players.

“Clearly, at that point, the ASL would be forced to intervene, isolating everyone and blocking Juve’s departure towards Milan.”

COVID assessor

Matteo Marnati

had spoken to Doctor Testi.

“He assured me no decision has been made and the situation is not considered at all serious. There is an existing protocol and two cases is not enough to warrant intervention, other than perhaps suggesting the close contacts of the players self-isolate.

Marnati also guaranteed that even one positive test tomorrow will not cause a lockdown for the Juventus team.

“Even five COVID cases wouldn’t be enough to warrant an intervention of that type. I can assure you that Milan-Juventus will 99.9 percent go ahead tomorrow.”

source: SportMob