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Burnley will take a different approach - Pace

Tue 05 January 2021 | 21:21

The new Burnley manager has promised a bright future for the club.


's new manager Alan Pace has promised that the club will take a different approach during his tenure.

ALK Capital took over ownership of Burnley on New Year's Eve, turning Burnley into the newest English club owned by a foreign company. In a lengthy press conference, Pace explained that the club would take a different approach and a different era from now on.

“I don’t think you’ve ever seen anyone like me and you certainly haven’t seen someone like me come in to run a football club and interact with the community and live in the community.

“We actually do honestly mean it when we say we are concerned about the long-term viability of this club, just as if we were a family member.

“So we’re not going to do stupid stuff. We may say silly things that people take umbrage with but we think we’re going to act differently and we’re going to certainly show that in everything we do.”

He said: “The loans that we have involved in this transaction are absolutely reasonable and absolutely in line with what can be supported by this club and will not take away from the ability to operate on a daily basis.”



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