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Guardiola talks about his squad for the Carabao Cup

Tue 05 January 2021 | 19:20

Guardiola says he doesn’t have many options for his lineup against Manchester United.

Manchester City

will face Manchester United in Carabao Cup after defeating Chelsea but their boss says that they are without many players and he doesn’t have many options for his squad.

"We don't have many players,"


told Sky Sports

. "To play one, two games is okay but if sustained for a long time - and you can use just 14 or 15 players - it will be more difficult.

"But like everyone in the world, we have to adjust in our lives and our profession as much as possible. We don't have an alternative.

"The important thing is the guys who have Covid recover well and the others try to avoid it as much as possible."

Guardiola also says that they understand the fact that they are not the only club having truble with the number of Covid cases.

"There are other clubs, like Newcastle, for example; every club is fighting about the dangers with Covid,"

he said.

"This situation is completely new. It looks like we are an island inside the society. It's like everything is locked down except ourselves.

"When the people say football players are special, maybe it's the truth. We didn't believe it before; I always thought the doctors, teachers, architects, every person is the same. But it looks like everything is closed but our business.

"They have to be careful what they do. Social distance, be careful and be lucky because even doing as best as possible, there are risks."

source: SportMob