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‘The front three are not producing, not delivering’ - Nicol

Tue 05 January 2021 | 17:13

Former Liverpool star is worried about the Reds in terms of being innovative as they have displayed another sub-standard Premier League match.

Steven Nicol




Jurgen Klopp

should have a “quiet word” with

Mohamed Salah


Sadio Mane

, and

Roberto Firmino

as the trio are lacking deliverance.

Liverpool appeared as if they were ready to grab the

Premier League

crown once again after their impressive 7-0 victory over Crystal Palace on December 19 which has rewarded them the leadership of the table having 5 points in their advantage. However, the Reds have let that advantage slip as they lacked consistency in performance.

Liverpool drew the clash against West Brom and Newcastle before losing 1-0 to Southampton on Monday courtesy of Danny Ings’s goal.


I think it’s pretty clear where the problems are. It’s up front,

" the Liverpool legend said. "

The front three are not producing, not delivering… they’re not even creating!


Yes, at Newcastle they made opportunities but this Southampton game and the West Brom game, they never created anything. If you aren’t going to create, then you aren’t going to score goals.

"This is where Klopp comes into it as well and earns his corn. It’s all very well saying, this is wrong, this isn’t right – the fact is these three games we’re talking about, they’ve had over 70 per cent possession of the ball in every game.

"So it’s not a complete and utter shambles. The fact is Klopp now has to have a quiet word and a clever word with the front three.

"Sometimes it’s just about a little nugget that you give a player. Like Mane, why don’t you say to him you’re standing in the box. You’re standing with your back to goal all the time. Can you get yourself on the half turn?

"That’s half a yard in the box. When you’re playing against teams who defend as ruthlessly as Southampton did in the box then that gives you an edge.


Salah is the same. Always looking to run in or be standing in the box. Why don’t you stand a little wider, a little deeper?

"With the feet he’s got, no defender wants you running at him. It’s all these little nuggets that make the difference, with the front three in particular. The rest of it is okay."

Liverpool’s next Premier League clash takes place on January 17 when they host Manchester United. They will go into battle with Aston Villa for FA Cup on Friday.

source: SportMob