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James thinks that Klopp doesn’t need new signings

Mon 04 January 2021 | 20:30

Liverpool legend trusts their boss and his strategies with the current squad.


former goalkeeper

David James

says that

Jurgen Klopp

can handle all the injuries and he can work everything out without any activity in the transfer window.

Liverpool has been facing too many injuries from the beginning of the season specially in the heart of their defense line with Van Dijk, Gomez and Matip’s injury but the German boss has been using their academy talents in the best way possible.

The former Reds goalkeeper told Stadium Astro of the speculation at Anfield:

“I’m always wary about transfer windows. Every club is the same, pretty much, in regards to finance in this current time.

“If you are going to bring someone in, who are they going to replace and how are they going to replace them? Do Liverpool need a quick fix?

“With Jurgen, their recruitment model has been fantastic up to this point. They have brought players in that they have been needed in a certain place and it fits a structure.

“A kneejerk reaction to improve this season would go against that model.

“There is a lot of call for a replacement for Van Dijk, but they have got young players who can do it. It’s whether they can turn round these young players, the likes of Williams and Phillips, and get them to be more consistent.

“I don’t think there should be a kneejerk reaction to replace anyone at this moment.”

source: SportMob