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Klopp should rest Alexander-Arnold

Tue 05 January 2021 | 11:44

The Liverpool's young fullback is not performing well and James believes that Klopp should drop him for a while.


suffered a defeat against Southampton and in case Manchester United beat Burnley, they will have to face the Red Devils with 3 points behind at Anfield.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

is not performing well recently as he lost the ball 38 times last night against the Saints.

The 22 English right-back was considered one of the best in the game for the last 2 years but the high demand for performance from him caused a minor problem. It seems like Arnold needs a rest and former Liverpool player believes Klopp should drop him for a while.

The former Liverpool goalkeeper told Stadium Astro after seeing Alexander-Arnold struggle again in a 1-0 defeat at Southampton:

“I don’t like criticising players for any other reason than what you see, but my understanding is 38 giveaways – the most by a Premier League player this season.

“This is an interesting player. He came into the Liverpool side young, was forced into the side more than by choice, and he hit the ground running.

“He got loads of plaudits and was an integral part of Liverpool’s success in the Premier League, Champions League, World Club Championship and has represented England.

“He’s not a bad player, but at the same time he hasn’t had any respite. He had the injury earlier in the season but young players are going to have off form. Unfortunately for Trent he is going through that.

“Maybe the injury he picked up against Manchester City, calf strain, he hasn’t been used to anything else other than playing for Liverpool, and then an injury takes him into a different space. I don’t think he has recovered from that mentally or in his normal life habit.”



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source: SportMob