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Giroud on receiving criticism and his current state with Chelsea

Tue 05 January 2021 | 11:39

The Frenchman admitted that he wasn’t always appreciated for his skills.



Olivier Giroud

, admitted to being underappreciated at some point of his career but revealed that he is enjoying his current time with the Blues and especially having Frank Lampard as their manager. The Frenchman, who has played for


before joining Chelsea, has proven to be a great performer for both his country and his club despite his 34 years of age.

Revealing that his abilities weren’t always appreciated by others, Giroud has come to accept that there will always be some people, who will question his performance.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, everybody gets disrespected,”

Giroud told

Stadium Astro.

“There is nobody who will be praised by everybody. You know it is part football, part of the game.”

“Sometimes people want other players to play. I understand that with that experience and I’m okay with that.”

“Maybe sometimes I am underrated but the most important thing is the numbers. For a striker that is what matters.”

“As long as I am efficient for the club team and Les Bleus and making my family proud, the rest I concede.”

He added on having


as their coach, saying:

“It’s nice to have a younger manager, who has been on the books in west London since January 2018.”

“He is still learning through his career but has already got a lot of qualities to manage a team. He has got good ideas.”

“It’s always nice to have a manager who was a big player and who has won a lot things and can help you to improve.”

source: SportMob