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Former Udinese coach compares Zielinski with De Bruyne

Tue 05 January 2021 | 11:18

Guidolin believes the two players are alike but Zielinski “must score more”.



manager, Francesco Guidolin, compared



Piotr Zielinski

, to

Manchester City


Kevin de Bruyne

. Zielinski, who joined Napoli in 2016 under Guidolin management, has become one of the team’s most prominent players on the field.

“Zielinski is like De Bruyne, but he must score more,”



Il Mattino.

“I was hoping for a growth like this. When he came to us in Udine, I saw a child who immediately showed he had great skills and could become an international player.”

“He had two feet that enchanted and that’s a gift. Left or right made no difference and now you notice it even more, because he has added considerable muscle growth.”

“For me, he has always been an attacking midfielder, a classic No 10. Over time, I realised he can play in the midfield, as he did well under [Maurizio] Sarri.”

“He’s a versatile player, but I always criticise him for one thing: a midfielder like him has to score 10 goals a season.”

“He must try harder. I hope he improves and grows even further; he would have the qualities to skip the man and go for goal. He’s a player like De Bruyne, but he must convince himself of his qualities and not be shy.”

source: SportMob