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‘Gerrard’s got a fair chance of succeeding Jurgen Klopp’ - Thompson

Tue 05 January 2021 | 10:06

The former Liverpool defender is confident that Rangers’ manager has a “fair chance” of becoming the boss at Anfield.

According to

Phil Thompson

, finding a replacement for

Jurgen Klopp

is not an easy task for


. However,

Steven Gerrard

is attracting a lot of attention to himself at Rangers and has a “fair chance” of following Graeme Souness’s path.

When the subject revolves around changing the manger, there isn’t much concern in Liverpool.

Klopp’s contract is until 2024 and he has led his side to

Champions League


Premier League

victories. It is expected of him to bring more trophies before his contract expires.

Since the countdown to his leave has already started, Gerrard is believed to be the next to reign Liverpool as he has proved qualified leading his side to the Scottish Premiership title.

If it was good enough for Graeme Souness to get his first managerial job at Rangers and then get Liverpool off the back of it, I would think Steven’s got a fair chance of succeeding Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool,

” Thompson said.

Rangers were in a better position when Graeme went in there than what they were under Stevie. And when Klopp signed that new contract, the next day, lo and behold, Stevie Gerrard signed a new contract with Rangers to the same year.

“The thing with Stevie is he took on a very difficult job at Rangers. It wasn’t easy going in there with the success of Celtic.

“I feared for him, because I thought they were so far behind that it would take five to seven years before you could actually change things. But Celtic got a bit sloppy, and Stevie has recruited very well.

“So he’s obviously the one that comes to mind when it comes to next Liverpool manager. But he also had two years as a youth coach at Liverpool, watched how Jurgen worked, how he coached and trained, so he had a good insight into how Klopp does things – which will help him going forward, because you’d not like to deviate too much if you do come down here.

“Before he started at Ibrox, Stevie asked me to have a word with his assistant, Tom Culshaw, who was going up to Rangers with him – and I told him ‘trust in Stevie, never ever let him down, never talk behind his back, not even if you think he won’t find out, you have to give him 100% trust, and he will give you that back’.

“I do fear for Liverpool’s time under Klopp. I know we’ve still got a few more years of the guy. I’ve never thought about managers, they’ve come and gone, and I’ve never really worried. We’ll always be there or thereabouts.

“I worry for us if and when Jurgen does go – because he’s given us something extra special. If Liverpool carry on, as I hope, winning trophies, it will be difficult to follow Klopp.”

Gerrard has pushed his side to sit first on the Scottish Premiership table 19 points ahead. Klopp, on the other hand, has led his side to three consecutive winless runs.

source: SportMob