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Agent Calenda defends Osimhen after naive party mistake

Tue 05 January 2021 | 10:04

Osimhen’s agent Roberto Calenda gave his support to the Napoli striker and said he did not go to a disco, it was just a family party.

The Nigerian returned to his homeland for the Christmas break but he did not keep to the Covid-19 rules during the party and tested positive for COVID-19 after his return to Naples.


felt sorry afterward and apologized to the club and their fans and


defended the young striker.

“He should not be accused of a family party. He was naïve, but you also need to know the context to get a complete picture of the issue,”

he said to Il Mattino


“We are talking about a 22-year-old boy who has been through a difficult period in recent months.

“He was alone for a long time; he lost his father and things got even worse with the injury. He hadn’t seen his family for months and when he got home, they threw him a surprise party for his birthday.

“It’s OK to judge the mistake, but please don’t consider it as if he went to Ibiza to the disco. Having said that, he made a mistake and apologized to everyone.”

source: SportMob