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The trip to Dubai has put Lennon in the trouble

Mon 04 January 2021 | 21:55

The Scottish government had increased the restrictions due to the outbreak of the corona-virus and Celtic left the country to Dubai without considering it.

Followed by the derby defeat,

Neil Lennon


Celtic F.c.

team flew out to Dubai to have a warm-weather training camp.

Scottish government asked SFA to look attentively into the matter to say that whether they have broken any sort of coronavirus exemption.

In response to this statement, the club has posted the following tweet series:

“The team traveled prior to any new lockdown being in place, to a location exempt from travel restrictions. The camp, the same one as we have undertaken for a number of years has been fully risk assessed.

“If the club had not received Scottish Government approval then we would not have traveled.”

In the Scottish government,s exempt list, there is the name of The United Arab Emirates which equals the idea that returning will not have any self isolations after the return. Although, before their trip, new restrictions were added and travels were only permitted for "essential reasons" in that.

The Scottish government spokesperson said that according to the added laws, people were demanded not to take non-essential trips. He also said:

“We would expect the SFA to look into Celtic’s trip further – while there are travel exemptions in place for elite sports which are designed to facilitate international and European competition, if we feel they are being abused, we won’t hesitate to remove this privilege.”

Lenon insists that the trip was not taken for the players to do relaxation or enjoy.

The Parkhead boss said that this trip was taken to get refreshed.

However, John Swinney has considered it not a good idea.

Deputy Minister also added On the matter of the question that whether the team will be able to get back to the, he answered:

“They will be allowed back in but they will have to follow all rules in the process and, you know, frankly I don’t think it’s a very good idea to be doing that at this stage.”

source: SportMob