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Lescott is impressed by Guardiola’s defensive duo

Mon 04 January 2021 | 15:49

The Citizens’ former star talks about Dias and Stones’ performance.

Manchester City’s

former defender


has talked about




’ role in the Citizens’ defensive form in this season and says that they have a good partnership which has helped the team.

“The partnership with Dias and Stones, it’s getting formidable,”

former City the defender told the club's official website.

“That comes with games and that’s a key element to any centre-back partnership, trust.

“I need to know that if I’m exposing myself for a slight second, you’ll have my back. They have that. You see them picking each other up and celebrating tackles like they’re a goal. We conceded but overall, that’s possibly one of the quietest games the goalkeeper has had.

“When Dias was brought in, he was brought in for a reason, the problems that were maybe there, he’s been brought in to fix those,

"He’s good on the ball but is a defender first. It’s great he can play and has that confidence but how rare do you see a player who is high-fiving John Stones who’s ended up in the stands for tackling Timo Werner?

“That is different, and that’s what City needed. For the last year or so people would look at City and think they could get at them, but to see Dias playing that well, Stones play that well and to know Aymeric Laporte can come in there and others, teams don’t have that boost.

“This is a guy who could be a really good player for the team.”

source: SportMob