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Lampard should convince Chelsea board that he is the right man

Mon 04 January 2021 | 15:30

Lampard's future at Chelsea is in doubt as they have only got one point in the matches against Arsenal, Aston Villa and Manchester City.

Sarri’s work at


was not bad but there was something missing in the football club when Sarri was in charge. Chelsea fans didn’t see the team they always loved and that was enough reason for Chelsea to sack Sarri and replace him with

Frank Lampard

, their legend.

Lampard was brought to build a new team full of English young talents who can compete for a title and rule Europe in the near future but now his task is to convince the ones above that, he is the right man for the job. Chelsea is struggling to get results now as they have suffered 2 defeats in their last 3 games.

"I am a perfectionist who wants the best for this club," 

Lampard said at Stamford Bridge. 

"The first person who puts on the pressure is me. At times, last year, I wanted to push and be even better than fourth, even though I felt it was an achievement considering the ban and the youth in the squad.

"This season the sixteen game unbeaten run was something I was always trying to temper as it went on. We breezed through our Champions League group. I didn't take much notice of that because I felt that with the players and the way they were playing that we should get through and we showed some really good form.

"At the minute, we are in a tough period. I understand it as I played here for a long time. I understand the minute that you lose a few games in a short period of time then everyone looks and asks questions. Then everyone looks at it differently and says you spent that much money.

"I can only talk about us and I can say this is a difficult period. I understand the reasons why and we have to keep fighting. I am the first person who needs to keep fighting."



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source: SportMob