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Melchiot: ‘I think they will definitely let Lampard finish the season’

Mon 04 January 2021 | 11:26

The former Blues defender Mario Melchiot believes Chelsea will let Frank Lampard finish the season.



Frank Lampard

has been under pressure particularly after their 3-1 loss to

Manchester City

It is Lampard’s second

Premier League

season in Chelsea, but after spending a large amount of money on new players in the summer, the expectations of him have been raised dramatically.


Mario Melchiot

believes Chelsea will give time to Lampard to finish the season, as there is no need for a managerial change in the midst of the season.

“I think they will definitely let him finish the season,” Melchiot said. “When you go after a new manager, you normally try and change things before a busy period comes.

“With Frank, I want him to get a fair opportunity. When you talk about Liverpool, Man United, City, it takes times. With Alex Ferguson, it took him a long time. At Chelsea, it is a similar situation. Let him see what he can do.

“If Frank doesn’t bounce back from this situation then they can pull him up, but I don’t think that is the time yet.”

He added:

“The only question now is how long will this test take and how long are they willing to give him to make this test happen?

“I think the crucial period comes after a game like this [the defeat to City]. When you play against the big teams maybe you are off, there is maybe a big difference, but against the smaller teams, you have to perform because if not, you get yourself in trouble.

“Chelsea has to make sure that doesn’t happen and perform well in games that come after the big ones.

“When you are a big club, you have to go after Champions League football every season. Those are things that are a must for Frank. Winning the league now, I don’t think it would be fair to say straight away that they should win it.

“First season, the ban, second season, bring in the players. I know people want to say they should win the league, but I think that’s a bit far off.

“He has to make sure he gets his team into the Champions League and after that, then it becomes a crucial test for him. I don’t think that has started yet.

“Now I want to see his reaction because people will start saying ‘ok, what is your answer?’. If you don’t have an answer to that test against Pep Guardiola and all the games that come after that, then you have a problem.”

source: SportMob