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Glenn Hoddle: Lampard must be given time

Sun 03 January 2021 | 20:30

Former Blues midfielder believes that Chelsea’s progress is an ongoing process and Lampard should be given time to complete it.


started their 2020-21 campaign in a fine form as they maintained a 16-game unbeaten run and were able to compete at the top of the league’s table for most of the season’s first half. However, The Blues’ defeats against Everton, Arsenal, and Wolves were enough for Manchester United and Liverpool to distance themselves from


’s team at the top of the table. Chelsea suffered their fifth defeat of the season in their Sunday match against

Manchester City

and are now in the eighth place of the league table with 26 points. There have been rumors around Lampard’s potential dismissal but

Glenn Hoddle

believes that such a decision will hurt Chelsea’s ongoing process.

"I am not even going to contemplate that question. He has to be given time.”

 He told 

Evening Standard. "It is a work in progress at Chelsea. They are falling short against the top teams and they have to find a way mentally to overcome that. They look better against the lesser teams but at the moment they look as if they are not quite ready to really win the league.

"They have talent in the squad but it is going to take some time, they are going to go through these rough patches. That is the process of building a side. You just hope the owner has that vision as well and understands that."

Chelsea’s Premier League campaign will continue with their derby clash against


on January 15. 

source: SportMob