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Cristiano Ronaldo breaks Pele’s record as Juve won Udinese

Mon 04 January 2021 | 10:32

The Portuguese international, Cristiano Ronaldo has now passed the Brazilian legend in the all-time goal-scoring record, with only Czech Republic icon, Josef Biscan ahead of him.

Biscan’s career total reaches 759 from 1931 to 1955, with


anticipated breaking the all-time highest ever tally record in the future weeks of the season.

Lionel Messi could still challenge


, after he broke Pele’s record at the end of 2020, with scoring 644 goals for Barcelona.

Messi’s all-time total is 715 for Barca and country, while he's two years younger than


, he could beat him before retirement.


is leading Messi in goal scored by now in 2020/21, with 18 compared to 10 in all competitions, but Messi has outscored him in the last four seasons.



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source: SportMob