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It’s easy to judge others-Guardiola

Sun 03 January 2021 | 21:25

Guardiola hit out at critics after Man City left-back breaks coronavirus rules with New Year's party

A few days ago, Benjamin Mendy violated the rules of preventing the Coronavirus by celebrating the New Year. In this regard, Manchester City announced in a statement that they are disappointed with their player. But despite the club's official statement, Pep Guardiola used him in the starting line-up and defended him against critics.


While it is understood that elements of this incident have been misinterpreted in the reports, and that the player has publicly apologised for his error, the club is disappointed to learn of the transgression and will be conducting an internal investigation,

" the statement read.

However, Guardiola used Mendy in his starting line-up against Chelsea.

"He had good intentions with the heart that he has, but he has to understand some things. He invited two or three people on New Year's Eve, they all tested negative, but they were at his house. I would like to know how many people had five or six people at home on New Year's Eve, I'm pretty sure many," Guardiola said.

"Normally in society we judge the other one, it would be better if we judge ourselves. I'm pretty sure Benjamin will improve on that and next time he will be more careful.

"He broke the rules, I'm not justifying it, he cannot do it. But don't give lessons to the other ones, don't put examples from the players for society. We all have to do what we have to do.

"Of course it was not correct what he has done, but don't judge him too much, if we look at what we have done New Year's Eve, many, many people have maybe done the same.

"It's easy to judge others."

Guardiola continued that he never intended to leave Mendy out of the team.

"He's part of the group, he's one of the good guys, he's beloved in our group, he was one of the most active players in the stands. He's a special guy for all of us and he has an incredible heart," the Spaniard said.



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