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De Bruyne hopes for further wins after playing as a striker

Sun 03 January 2021 | 21:03

"It's important that we win one of these big games" said Kevin De Bruyne as Manchester City Scored 3 goals against Chelsea with De Bruyne playing as a striker.

Kevin De Bruyne

, the 29-year-old midfielder, played as the striker in the match against 


. He believed that it was not easy getting used to playing as a striker, however, he performed well and he was satisfied with the match in general.

this was, however, a big help to the team as 

Manchester city

 has its two important figures out of the pitch. Gabriel Jesus is infected by the coronavirus and Sergio Aguero still on the bench to work on his physical fitness.

Belgium international considers this experience "bizarre": 

"Bit bizarre in the beginning, I've done it a few times in my career obviously we have a lot of forwards out and the coach asked me to do this job, so I tried my best to do it as good as possible."

He also said that they found the rhythm of the game after few minutes and took every chance to turn this game into a win.

With the 3-1 win, they are now four points adrift of Liverpool.

De Bruyne said:

 "It's important that we win one of these big games. This season we have played some good games but not won any of them so today we have shown we can win the big games,

"We're still fighting an uphill battle but we are getting closer, that's all we can do now.

"The years we were champions we were winning these big games - it's a bit different this year because everyone is losing points. We had a bad start but we are coming back a bit so it's a good thing we're here fighting and that's all we can do now.

"Every game we play there's never a feeling it's going to be easy. You need to be here 100 per cent for every game. If you're only at 95% then you're not going to win the game and that's what a lot of teams have done this year."



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source: SportMob