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Lampard hopeful for future despite the loss against Man City

Sun 03 January 2021 | 20:34

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has claimed that his team will get back on track.


continued their poor results in recent weeks by losing 3-1 at home to

Manchester City

to hear a lot of rumors about the possible dismissal of

Frank Lampard

. Chelsea boss insisted after tonight's game that he is not worried about getting sacked and that his team needs time to improve.

He said,

"I am not going to speak for the people above or the board.

"I can't answer about my contract, the run and the difficult results, I can only speak as the manager of the club.

"I am not concerned on that. I just spoke to the team after the game about how I expected periods of difficulty. I know it doesn't come easy.

"A month ago, people were discussing when was I going to get a new contract. Pressure remains constant. My job is to keep working and pick up the players.

"At the minute, we are in a tough period. I understand it as I played here for a long time. I understand the minute that you lose a few games in a short period of time then everyone looks and asks questions.

"Then everyone looks at it differently and says you spent that much money. Well, the reality is that a lot of the players who came in are young, new, have been injured, not played together before.

"The expectations after Leeds that we are title contenders was not real. I am real now in saying the club has to take pain for where we want to get to. Any build or rebuild that we have with the players we brought in takes pain. That means pain on the pitch, pain behind the scenes and fight and character.

"That's how you build. Pep Guardiola in year one at Man City, an incredible coach comes in and there's tough times. We know the story with Man City and Liverpool.

"I am not putting myself on that level because I have to show that in a few years time and I have to show it. I can only talk about us and I can say this is a difficult period.

"I understand the reasons why and we have to keep fighting. I am the first person who needs to keep fighting."

source: SportMob