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Lampard talks about their recent defeats

Sun 03 January 2021 | 20:20

Lampard talks about their defeat against Manchester City.


boss has talked about their situation after the defeat against Manchester City.


thinks that it was a reality Check for them as they have four defeats in their last six matches.

"I am not putting ourselves down. I am the man to have the reality check and there will be work and at times pain,"

the manager explained to BBC Sport after the final whistle


"Today was painful in the first half in football terms because their level of play shows where we need to aspire to. In the second half I saw a reaction but the work needs to be done."

And about the reason behind such a bad defeat he said:

"Mistakes, individual mistakes, not getting close enough. They punished us. If you want to reach the top level which City have been for a few years now you have to accept the pressures. The second half we competed but at 3-0 the game was pretty much done.

"I am not trying to talk up the last 20 minutes of the game because at 3-0 the vitals of the game have changed but I was still looking for a reaction."

Chelsea is now the sixth team in the premier league after having a really good run in the beginning of the season they are facing problems specially against big teams resulting in such defeats.

source: SportMob