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Giampaolo reveals why he wasn’t sacked

Sun 03 January 2021 | 18:36

Torino have pushed for a climb up the relegation zone through a 3-0 victory over Parma.

Marco Giampaolo

always believed in

Armando Izzo

’s qualities and admits why he hasn’t lost his position at


, notwithstanding being 17th on the

Serie A

table following today’s 3-0 victory over



We’ve overcame some difficulties, we could have handled the winning position in a better way, but we closed the game in the final minutes,

” Giampaolo said.

Armando Izzo found the target for his side.

I’ve never doubted the qualities of single footballers. The guys are committed, Izzo scored a great goal. I can recognise the players’ attitude. We must be coherent and follow the players’ qualities.

“I talk to [Davide] Vagnati and the President every day. I’ve always felt trusted, I never had the feeling they didn’t have confidence in what I was doing. Maybe they noticed the players are attached to my principles, otherwise they would have replaced me.”


source: SportMob