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Giroud: ‘we can join the title race’

Sun 03 January 2021 | 14:52

Olivier Giroud still believes Chelsea could join the race to win the Premier League title this season.

In the last term,


won their first domestic crown in 30 years and they became the only team, who won the title with seven games to spare.

They finished 18 points clear at the top of the table and ahead of previous champions

Manchester City


However, they have not been able to match that kind of consistency in this season as they are only in first place on goal difference ahead of Manchester United.

After winning only one game in their last five,


slipped seven points behind Liverpool and it seems they are fighting for a spot in the top four. However,

Olivier Giroud

still believes they could even win the title.

"Because of the fact Liverpool is not flying like the two previous years we can join the title race, that’s my target," Giroud said. "Obviously we need to learn from the disappointing results but we’re not going to change our target because it’s very tight. I also really want to win this

Premier League

, it’s something I want a lot.”

When he was asked why Liverpool have been unable to pull away again this term, he answered:

"Firstly because there are no fans in the stadiums so maybe the smaller teams, if I can say that on paper, when they come to places like the Bridge or Anfield or the Emirates against the big teams they maybe play with less pressure.

"It is easier, that would explain the fact the Premier League is tight this year because of no fans, and also because nowadays the football has improved a lot and the smaller teams have improved a lot. The difference between the small teams and the big teams now is getting smaller and smaller."

Although there are strong competitions for places, the French striker seems happy with his place and position at the club.

"Nine goals in six starts is not bad, it’s a good stat for a striker," Giroud added.


 "We all look for the best statistics. The more efficient we are, the better for the team and obviously we have a lot of talented strikers and it’s always a headache for the manager to pick and choose the right one, with different qualities upfront and with also a good understanding and complement between strikers and wingers.

"The competition is good for everybody. It’s nice to step up and to stay focused and give your best to stay in the team. For me, I’m very happy with scoring nine goals in six starts but I’ve got to keep it up to help the team achieve our targets.


 "As an experienced player, I’ve been nine years now in the Premier League so I know the league very well, I just try to give advice when the younger players want it.

"If they need anything they know I’m a good shoulder they can step on. I just want the best for the team, I just want to win this Premier League and I’m here to help."

source: SportMob