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Joan Jordan rejects Arsenal’s offer

Sun 03 January 2021 | 12:45

Joan Jordan, Sevilla midfielder, admitted that he is ‘super comfortable’ at his club and rejects Arsenal’s offer.

The Spanish midfielder

Joan Jordan

plays a crucial role for


in the middle of the field with his team-mates Ivan Rakitic and Fernando.

Mikel Arteta



manager is planning on adding some recruits to his side in the January transfer window.

Arteta has been eyeing Jordan for a while and is prepared to sign with him offering £32 million. However, Joan Jordan, who moved to Sevilla with a €14m (£12.5m) transfer fee, revealed that all his focus lies around his current club.

In the end, these are just things that come out, like the many things that were said, the rumours, when I was at Eibar,

’ Jordan said.

I have always been very clear about the present… the future does not feed me, it takes away from me and does not give me the energy I need.

‘My mind is genuinely here in Sevilla and on the derby. I am at a super ambitious club, and I have nothing more to say because I really am super comfortable here, like I was when I arrived here.

‘Things can come out, but I tell you my mind today and the people that know me can back me up, it’s not that I’m avoiding the question just that really, my mind is on the derby


Earlier this week, Arteta spoke about his desire to acquire some new services as soon as he can.

For all managers, the quicker you do the business the better because it buys you time,

’ Arteta said.

Every player is going to need time to adapt. It’s about the qualities this player is bringing; what is the past of the player, has he been in a different country, has he played in the Premier League, does he speak the language, does he get familiar to certain styles of play?

‘There are a lot of conditions, in my opinion, that can affect whether a player can straightaway have an impact or not in a team.

‘For me, they are really key things to consider before making any steps to bring in anybody in January.’

source: SportMob