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Marotta: Inter won’t be making big investments in January

Sun 03 January 2021 | 12:08

Inter CEO sheds light on the club’s plan for January transfer window.



Beppe Marotta

stated that due to the pandemic and the clubs financial situation, they are not going to make big purchases in January.

“All clubs are working out their strategies and we have done the same,”

Marotta said in an interview with

Sky Sport Italia


“The club wants to always guarantee a balance between investment and revenue, not just Inter, but all big sides will be in the situation where COVID has reduced revenue, and therefore we won’t be making big investments in January.


Inter are looking to find new investors and there have been some rumors that


are considering selling Inter.

“The President released a statement yesterday and made it very clear that the majority shares will not be sold,”

Marotta said.

“The whole world is dealing with this pandemic, so every club must focus on stability and balance. We quite simply won’t see the same transfer market expenses that we had in the past.

“The first situation we need to look at is costs and in Italy the cost of salaries and transfers has gone from 50-55 per cent of revenue to closer to 70 per cent.

“So we need to revise the costs during a period where the revenue has inevitably been reduced due to COVID. That is true of all clubs all over the world. We must work to reduce costs and continue our long-term planning.”



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source: SportMob